Delamed Supplies Inc. is based in Delaware, USA. We are distributors of medical equipment and devices across various leading healthcare segments like Cardiology, Chest Medicine, ENT, Diabetology, General Medicine, etc.

We supply surgical, laboratory, diagnostic and other medical specialty products of leading global brands.

Hospitals and physicians can rely on Delamed Supplies Inc. for their medical supply requirements, trusting in quality, time and again.

Delamed was founded with one goal in mind- delivering quality. We understand the importance of using the right product for the right patient, for diagnosis and treatment. Thus, we ensure that all our medical supplies and equipment are only the best.

Browse our catalog of wholesale medical supplies and state-of-the-art equipment to choose products most suitable for your medical practice. Let Delamed Supplies Inc. help you set up your dream practice today!

Feel free to connect with us or drop an email with your specific requirements.

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